At ASM we design, manufacture and test complete systems as well as organize theoretical and practical training necessary for the safe operation of the system.

Main type selection.


GeoRotor4 is a compact and reliable tool for expert surveys in GIS (Geographic Information Science) that provides accurate raw material for photogrammetry, 3D modeling or mapping applications. To increase measurement and detection accuracy, GeoRotor4 is equipped with a real-time kinematic positioning system (RTK), so it can be used without compromise in any area of GIS or cartography.


The SECOP X8 system is widely used for maximum redundancy and safety in air navigation tasks and industry surveys. This category is the highest flight safety system that can carry portable cameras, cameras and special sensors. Flight accuracy makes it possible to perform tasks that require high precision. The X8 system is designed to provide redundant flight safety features and, even in the event of a non-reversible hazard, will return to home.


SECOP X4 is a widely used small multirotor system. With the highest flight time and exceptional range in the category, it combines the benefits of rigid unmanned aerial vehicles with the precision and handling of rotating systems. It can be used without compromise during day and night operations, withstands wind, strong winds, low temperatures and rainfall.


The MV03 LR is widely used in ISR (Intelligence, Observation and Detection) operations. Its compact design ensures system mobility and quick installation from a small boot area, both day and night. Thanks to its sophisticated control system and a sophisticated design, its handling can be quickly learned.